Captain George James Burslem (1809 - 1882)

Name: Captain George James Burslem 1Sex: M

Individual Information

Birth: 22 Jun 1809 - Calcutta, India 2
Baptism: 14 Aug 1809 - Calcutta, India 1
Death: Abt Dec 1882 - London, England 3
 Cause of Death: 


1. Rank/Regiment: On 10 Sep 1825 he was appointed an Ensign, 43rd Regiment of Foot 4

2. Rank/Regiment: On 1826 he was appointed a Lieutenant, 43rd Regiment of Foot 4

3. Rank/Regiment: Ensign, 44th Regiment of Foot, 3 Sep 1826, By Exchange. 5

"On the 14th of January, 1826, the regiment proceeded from Fort William to Ghazeepore, where it arrived on the 4th of April, and remained upwards of two years. In October, 1828 , the 44th left Ghazeepore for Cawnpore, which it reached towards the end of November. During the following five years, the head-quarters remained at Cawnpore, but in December, 1833, the regiment marched for Chinsurah. The regiment arrived in Chinsurah in February 1834 and continued there until January, 1835, when it proceeded to Fort William."

Extract from the Historical Record of the 44th Regiment by Thomas Carter, printed and published by Gale and Polden, Brompton Works, Chatham 1887.

4. He travelled to Bengal,India on board the ship "Marquis of Wellington" from Gravesend, Kent on 15 Jun 1827 6 He is still shown as a Lieutenant in the 44th Regiment of Foot.

5. In Jul 1830 he was court martialled.The charge was " With conduct highly disgraceful to, and unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman......" . All charges resulted from a card party held at the quarters of Lieutenant Chambers in Cawnpore on the evening of May 29 1829. There were five charges brought in total and Lieutenant Burslem was found not guilty on charges 1,2,4 and 5 but guilty on charge 3. He was sentenced to be severely reprimanded. The subsequent comments of the Commander-in-chief, Lord Dalhousie are of interest " However strongly Lieut. Burslem has, in his Excellency's opinion, evinced in his defence that want of judgement to which he has repeatedly laid claim but the long arrest of Lieut, Burslem prevents the Commander-in-chief, from demanding from another court martial whether the gross vituperations and unwarrantable imputations made by the prisoner on this trial could be considered as to tending to justification or palliation in the court's consideration of the charges before them. The Commander-in-chief does not deem it expedient to enforce the sentence of the court." 7

6. Rank/Regiment: On 17 Nov 1832 he was appointed a Captain, 44th Regiment of Foot. 5

7. He travelled to England from Calcutta, India in Oct 1833 8 on the "Prince George", Captain W.J. Creed.

8. Abt 1834 - abt 1841 he lived in Limerick in Ireland

9. Rank/Regiment: On 26 Apr 1834 he was appointed a Captain, 94th Regiment of Foot 9

10. In 1835 he subscribed to the publication of "Ten Plain Sermons" 10

11. In Dec 1835 he was court martialled.The Morning Chronicle on Sunday 18 October 1835 reported that

A general court-martial is to assemble at Limerick to-morrow, the 20th inst., for the trial of Captain Burslem, 94th regiment, on a charge connected with the late duel in Fermoy, in which that officer was a principal. Major-General, Sir Thomas Arbuthnot, commanding the southern district, is to be President of the Court. Captain Burslem, 94th, formerly served in the 44th, on the India establishment.

On December 23 1835 the Aberdeen Journal report reads:

"The General Court Martial which recently sat at Limerick for the trial of George James Burslem, of the 94th Regiment, found him not guilty, which finding and sentence his Majesty haas been pleased to approve and confirm. Captain Burslem has been released from arrest, and has been returned to his duty with the 94th Regiment, at Limerick".


12. He received honours on 10 Oct 1836. 12

Admitted a Freeman of the City of Limerick.

13. Rank/Regiment: Captain, 48th Regiment of Foot, 13 Apr 1838, By Exchange. 13

Prior to this exchange he was granted Leave of absence from the 94th Regiment of Foot by the Lieutenant- General commanding the Dublin Garrison.

14. He was discharged from the military on 8 Sep 1838. 14

15. In Jan 1849 he lived Arlington Street, Mornington Crescent in London, England 15

16. In 1851 he lived 33 Inverness Road in Paddington, London 16

17. Rank/Regiment: On 29 Jul 1853-1855 he was appointed a Captain, Royal South Middlesex Regiment of Militia 17 The Gazette notes that he was late of the 48th Regiment of Foot. His commission was cancelled two years later.18. In Apr 1857 he lived Mortimer Street, Cavendish Square with his wife and family in London, England 18

19. In 1861-1871 There is no mention of George James Burslem in either the 1861 or 1871 census. 19

20. Before 1863 he lived 17 Adelaide road, in Haverstock hill, Middlesex 20

The London Gazette states that he also resided at "Erith, Kent, previously of 64 Edgeware road, Middlesex and formerly of Plymouth, Devon and Portsmouth, Hants."

21. In 1863 he lived at 29 Great James Street, Bedford Row, in London, England 21

22. In Oct 1863 he was involved in a court case for the bankruptcy of Joseph Pearson in the City of London. 22 He is described as being the Trustee of the deed of a conveyance on behalf of, and with the assent of the creditors. The deed conveyed all his estate and effects to the Trustee to be applied and administered for the benefit of the debtor's creditors, as in bankruptcy.

23. He was involved in a court case for bankruptcy in Nov 1863. 23

Notice of a deed of execution outlining a payment schedule was published in the London Gazette. The debtor covenants that he will pay 2s 6d in the pound in three years and 2s 6d in four years from the date of execution of the deed.

24. He was involved in a court case for bankruptcy on 25 Nov 1863. 24

On November 23 1863 he was ordered to surrender to the Court.

The following report appeared in the London Daily News on November 24, 1863


This was an adjourned application for release from custody in the matter of George James Burslem, described as a gentleman, of Great James-street, Bedford-row. The case was recently before the court on a question arising out of a deed of arrangement which had been executed by Captain Burslem. He has since been made bankrupt on his own petition. Mr. Sargood supported; Mr. Bagley and Mr. E. Reed opposed. The registrar pointed out to the court that the "three days statement" which ought to accompany every bankrupt's petition, had not been filed, though the petition had presented on the 17th. His Honour said the only course was to dismiss the petition. Mr. Sargood, on behalf of the bankrupt, intimated that a fresh petition would be filed. Mr. Bagley said this was the third time that the creditors had been brought here in the last fortnight; and he asked that the bankrupt should not be allowed to present another petition without giving security for the costs of the creditors. His Honour said the petition being dismissed was no longer a bankrupt, and he could make no order in the case. If the creditors wished it they may have a rule calling on him to show cause why he should not pay the costs of the creditors on this occasion. Mr. Reed also claimed costs on behalf of the creditors he represented. His Honour said if it could be shown that debtors brought their creditors here needlessly and vexatiously, he should be quite disposed to give costs against them; but he feared such an order would be very little use in this case, where the debtor was a pauper. Ex nihile nihil fit. However they might take a rule.

25. On 30 Nov 1863 he was involved in a court case for bankruptcy in London. 25 The Times of London reported:

" The bankrupt, George James Burslem", of 29 Great James Street, Bedford Row, and elsewhere, gentleman, renewed an application for a release from custody. The debts are between £4,000 and £5,000, with assets doubtful.

Mr. Bagley on behalf of Messrs Watherston and Brogden, jewellers of Covent Garden asked the Court not to release the bankrupt until after the meeting for the choice of assignees. The learned counsel stated that in June 1861, the bankrupt purchased from his clients a valuable gold watch and chain. The price of these articles was to have been paid in cash; but on application at the bankrupt's residence no money could be obtained, and the bankrupt soon afterwards disappeared. For a long period the bankrupt's whereabouts could not be ascertained, but ultimately he was discovered to be resident at Erith, near Gravesend, and upon being sued by Messrs Watherston and Co. he pleaded "never indebted" and put that firm to an unecessary expense of £20. His HONOUR declined to release the bankrupt until a creditor's assignee had been chosen."

26. He was involved in a court case for bankruptcy on 27 May 1874. 26

The Court granted his discharge on this date.

27. In Aug 1874 he was involved in a court case for bankruptcy in Her Majesty's Court of Bankruptcy. 27

The London Gazette has a legal notice indicating that a dividend of 3s 3 1/2 pence is payable to creditors in respect of his bankruptcy.

28. In 1881 he lived 41 Alpha Square in Newington 28 He is shown as a Boarder with Cora Glasgow and her son James Burslem. The birth certificate of James shows George James Burslem as the father and Cora Burslem as the mother. At some afterwards he moved to 39 Alpha Square.

29. He was involved in a court case in 1882. 29 Together with his son, Godolphin Finney Burslem, he was accused of fraud on Charles Luker of Oxford. He was not prosecuted because of his death in December 1882.

30. He had an estate probated at £13 12s on 27 Jan 1883 in London, England. 30 Probate was granted to Cora Glasgow.

31. From 1882 to 1883 he lived at 30 Flaxman Road, Brixton in London, England 31



 Father: Colonel Nathaniel Burslem KH JP (Abt 1769-1856) 32 
 Mother: Sarah Norris Brooke (Abt 1775-1866) 

Spouses and Children

1. Angelina Ellen Stephens (Abt 1831 - Q4,1889) 33
 Marriage: 15 Sep 1852 - St. James, Paddington, London 34
1. George James Burslem (1847-1919) 35
2. William Curzon Godolphin Burslem (1853-1951) 36
3. Godolphin Finney Burslem (Abt 1855-After 1910) 29
4. Edith Angelina Ellen Burslem (1857-1871) 37

2. *Susan Vokes (1810 - 27 Mar 1850) 38, 39
 Marriage: 15 Mar 1836 - Dublin, Ireland
1. Captain Nathaniel Godolphin Burslem (1837-1865)
2. Georgina Anne Sarah Burslem (Abt 1838-1849) 18
3. Thomas Vokes Rollo Burslem (Abt 1839-1855)
4. Susan Sarah Burslem (Abt 1841-1908)
5. John Godolphin Burslem (1842-1923)

3. Cora Glasgow (Abt 1862 - )
1. Alexander James Burslem (1877- )

4. Susan ( - ) 40
1. Cora Emily St Clair Burslem (1858- ) 40


Birth Notes:

Census returns in 1881 show him born Abt 1810 in Calcutta, India. He is listed at 41 Alpha Square, Newington together with Rosa Glasgow (unmarried) aged 19 and the mother of a James Burslem aged 4. However the Godolphin Family History shows him as being born about 1805. The transcription by the FIBIS shows a son born to Nathaniel on 22 June 1809 in the Bengal Presidency, India





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