Phillip James Burslem (1763 - 1780)

Name: Phillip James BurslemSex: M

Individual Information

          Birth: Abt 1763
        Baptism: 15 Mar 1763 - Coleorton, Leics 1
          Death: 8 Oct 1780 - Plymouth. 2
 Cause of Death: 


1. Rank/Regiment: In 1780 he was appointed an Ensign, Leicestershire Militia 2



         Father: William Burslem (Abt 1719-1781) 3 
         Mother: Mary Curzon (1723- ) 


Death Notes:

Phillip is not identified as a beneficiary of his father's will dated 4 January 1781 and it is likely that the following account relates to Phillip's death.

"The Leicestershire Militia marched to Bristol in May, where they were stationed till August the 21st, when they were ordered off to Plymouth; and, while there, were joined by their colonel, the Duke of Rutland. They broke up their camp in December. A tragedy occurred when the regiment lay at Plymouth, which naturally at the time produced a great sensation. One of the officers (Lieut. Brown), having spoken disrespectfully of Surgeon Pack, Ensign Burslem took the part of the latter; and in so doing used very opprobrious language to Lieutenant Brown. This took place in the Duke of Rutland's marquee, on the 8th of October. Within two or three hours after the occurrence of the quarrel, the two officers met in an adjoining field, armed with pistols-Brown attended by Lieutenant Farmer and Burslem by Lieutenant Grundy. After firing a brace of pistols each, Burslem received a bullet in his right breast, which lodged in his body. He lingered of the wound between two and three days, and then died. A coroner's inquest was held upon the unfortunate man, when the jury returned a verdict of murder against Brown and the two seconds, who were afterwards placed upon their trial at Exeter, before Mr. Baron Perryn. A verdict of manslaughter was returned against the principal (who was fined 6s. 8d. and discharged), but the seconds were acquitted."





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